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Founded in 2001 by Curt in his hometown of Kansas City and now headquartered in Southern California, HypeLife Brands is a progressive brand development + marketing agency specializing in building, launching, and growing fundable B2C startups, tuned for the ever-elusive Millennial Generation.

Working as a Fractional CMO, Curt and his team at HypeLife Brands serve a select roster of clients throughout the U.S.

Curt has acted in a Fractional CMO role for nearly all clients past and present, including HUDL Music (Arts & Entertainment), Techvestor (finTech / investing / real estate), VXN Workout (Women's Health & Fitness), and PinkLion (B2C eCommerce Marketplace) (just to name a few).
HypeLife Brands | EST. 2001

Denver, CO
Current Status: Changing the way independent artists & musicians worldwide -- and the fans who support them -- connect, collab and create. Launched Q2 2020.
Atlanta, Georgia
Daytona Beach, Florida
Miami, Florida
Houston, Texas
Los Angeles, California
Current Status: SOLD for $13M (~$3M above market value) months after HypeLife completes rebranding engagement
Los Angeles, California
Southern California
Current Status: Continuing National Syndication Expansion // 1.7M+ FM Listener Reach Nationwide
San Diego, California
Current Status: Raising $2M Seed Round + Planning 2021 Multi-State Expansion
Kansas City, Missouri
Chicago, Illinois
Current Status: Sold for $635M 4 years after HypeLife engaged as AOR
Houston, Texas
Carlsbad, California
Chicago, Illinois / San Antono, Texas
San Francisco, CA


AEH Architecture & Design (Los Angeles, CA) - B2B
AidTree (Orange County, CA) - B2C + B2B
Arcadius Press (Springfield, MO) - Arts & Entertainment
Bambini Creativi (Kansas City, MO) - B2C | Education
Black Powder Customs (Kansas City, MO) - B2C + B2B
Blue Three International (Irvine, CA) - B2B
BlueBike Architects (Kansas City, MO) - B2B
Blurgirl Productions (Los Angeles / Kansas City, MO) - Arts & Entertainment
Challenger Sports (Overland Park, KS) - B2C + B2B
Clairvoyant Beauty (New York) - B2C | Health & Beauty
Coco Chic (Chicago, IL) - B2C
Culture (London / Canada) - B2C
DispenseCare (Houston, TX) - B2B + B2C
Entercom (Overland Park, KS) - B2C + B2B | Media/Broadcasting
ExpressTruth (Boca Raton, FL) - B2C
Fleishman-Hillard (Kansas City, MO) - B2B | Advertising/Marketing
Hanson Wright Group (Wichita, KS) - B2B
HMN Architects (Overland Park, KS) - B2B
IV REAL MVMNT (Los Angeles, CA) - B2C | Arts & Entertainment | Dance
JEM International, Inc. (Shawnee, KS) - B2B
Lord of Hosts Church (Omaha, NE) - Non-Profit
Nature Bright (Irvine, CA) - B2C | Health & Wellness | Medical / Light Therapy
Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (Lenexa, KS) - Non-Profit
NorthStar Orthodontics, Inc. (Park Rapids, MN) - B2B
Ntelicor (Dallas, TX) - B2B
One Voice Ministries (Omaha, NE)
Personify Executive Search (Raleigh, NC) - B2B
Turbo Kick (Irvine, CA) - B2C - Fitness
Real Nice Homes (Leawood, KS) - Real Estate / B2C
Rhythmlink (Columbia, South Carolina) - B2B - Medical Devices
Rock the House Dance Convention (LA / NYC) - B2C
Scratch Films (Wichita, KS) - Arts & Entertainment
Skillville Games (San Francisco, CA) - B2C
Sleight Advertising (Omaha, NE) - B2B | Advertising
Space 380 Music Promotion (Columbia, MO) - Arts & Entertainment
Sunshine Electronic Display Corp. (St. Joseph, MO) - B2B
The Keratin Lounge by LASIO (NYC) - B2C
Will Wingfield / The GldnChld Project (Los Angeles) - Arts & Entertainment


"I’m the kind of guy that’s interested in the long-game. I plan, I prepare, I build.

Trends are great, too. I mean, hey, I’m a father, so I get trends and how much fun they can be. But they never last, and that’s what drives me. Relevancy over the long-term. Staying power. That's what really drives me as an entrepreneur.

I was drawn to HypeLife for exactly that reason—their history of creating and developing brands that are, and will be, relevant for the long-term. I’ve had the idea in my head for HUDL Music since the first time I set foot in the studio to record a track. And like I said earlier, I’m always planning, always preparing. So I had a pretty good idea of the brand I wanted to build.

During the early discussions about HUDL Music’s vision, the HypeLife team quickly grasped the vision I’d honed over the years, and even gave ideas to elevate it right there, on the spot, before making a commitment of work. That’s staying power.

Their commitment to HUDL Music and my original vision never wavered, and they took it too a place that’s better than anything I’d ‘built’ in my head. For that, and so many other reasons, I’m so excited about continuing our partnership with HypeLife and working to grow HUDL into a brand that stands the test of time."

- La'Shion Robinson, Founder & CEO, HUDL Music (Denver, Colorado)

"Where do I start? Hands down, best in class in EVERY way. I met Curt through a friend and little did I know it would be the start of something special. We instantly clicked when it came to business and marketing. He understands the goals and perhaps more importantly as a business owner, he helps YOU understand the goals. Education is an important thing and he's patient about it. His human first approach is logical, effective and simple. Not rocket science. It just gets it done. From a business perspective, he and his team at HypeLife are driving incredible ROI to our business. Measurable performance is critical and he knows all the numbers have to make sense and they DO.

I initially had thought working with an agency would be so-so and they’ve been fantastic in every way, proving my thoughts invalid. HYPELIFE PERFORMS! Which is what we (business owners) want at the end of the day.

Curt’s creative approach to problem solving and breadth/depth knowledge across the stack is second to none. Oh and you'll like this: He's actually responsive. Reachable. Mind blowing right?

If you have the lucky opportunity to work with Curt, DO IT! Or don't, and leave it to us luckier folks who do. 10 out of 5 in every way!"

- Sief Khafagi, Partner, Techvestor (San Francisco, California)

"When I found Curt and HypeLife Brands, I had an instant feeling of 'This could be the agency for us' the moment I came across their website. Everything spoke to my company needs...where we're at now, and how we need to grow and evolve.

From there, it was the initial two hour conversation with the Founder, Curt, that helped me decide to finally choose HypeLife as our team/agency-of-choice. His passion and knowledge to help brands and companies achieve sold me.

The work in researching and developing a strategy for my company before I even signed the agreement was proof in the pudding for me!"

- Nadine Ramos, Founder/CEO, LASIO Professional Haircare (Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania)

"Curt and his team have been quick to comprehend what we are looking for, and are great at conceptualizing ideas into impressive creative options. His systematic approach & attention to detail make my job much easier. I always feel comfortable working with him.

He's helped us create an impressive and modern brand + web presence that engages new clients and acts as a valuable resource center to our employees around the world. The rebranding process enabled us to synchronize branding efforts and invigorate our sales force with confidence about our company's image in the marketplace. Digital + offline media campaigns we created with his team have opened doors and introduced new media arenas to our customers and employees.

Be comfortable stepping into a new relationship with Curt, and don't be afraid to let your thoughts and ideas flow freely. He'll quickly pick up your vibe & needs, and the collaboration will produce opportunities you have yet to even think about."

- Drew Felling, VP of Marketing, Phoenix International (Chicago, Illinois) [Acquired by C.H. Robinson in 2012]

"Curt and his team went above and beyond in every aspect of their engagement with Avanti.

Prior to us making the switch, Curt did a thorough analysis of our business goals and presented a holistic approach to accomplish them. He and his team then activated every one of those approaches and developed many more to bring new attention to our services and value.

Working with Curt is like having a marketing department that is intensely interested in, and dedicated to, the results.

Since engaging Curt and his team, Avanti has tripled its clientele, and last month we did double the anticipated revenue.

In addition to these marketing efforts, he also analyzed our internal sales process to ensure that our marketing tools provided efficient and effective processes to get real results.

Curt and his team are perfect for startups needing to build a strong foundation, as well as large, established businesses that need a fresh look-and-feel to strengthen their brand and help realize their full marketing potential."

- Rebekah Peterson, General Manager, Avanti Workspace (Carlsbad, California)



Awards, kudos, and published work received under Curt's direction for SMBs across the U.S.








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